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Entry Form and Rules

The ANDDA Total Performer Program is not for every doe. It is designed to allow for options when you enter, but it also rewards those does that journey into the show ring, that are on DHIA and have been Appraised and/or Classified.

The ANDDA Total Performer Committee has developed a complete contest and we hope that we are able to explain it the membership without confusing anyone. There is a bit of simple math, but it is rather easy to understand (We hope).

The ANDDA Total Performer Program will be open to any ANDDA member and will be awarded to one doe annually... Goats that are entered are ranked from first to last in each of several categories. Points are then awarded according to the order of finish in each category and are totaled to determine an overall score and place.

So, if you are in a 12-goat contest, the goat with the most pounds of milk on a one day milk test receives 12 points, the goat with the second most receives 11 points, and so on. In the case of a tie, each goat involved receives an average of the total points due. So, in the above example, if two goats were tied for first in one day milk test pounds, each would receive 11.5 points [(12 + 11) / 2 = 11.5].

Therefore, the maximum number of points that a goat can earn is equal to the number of scoring categories within a contest multiplied by the number of goats in the contest. Similarly, the lowest number of points that a goat can earn is equal to the number of scoring categories multiplied by one, which is the lowest score that can be achieved in any category.

So, if the goat was competing in a contest with 12 goats and 14 scoring categories, the lowest point total possible is 14 [14 * 1 = 14] and the highest is 168 [14 * 12 = 168].

    Here are the categories that are used in the ANDDA Total Performer Program:

    Picture Perfect (up to 3 photos submitted). This category will be judged by an individual selected by the committee. The category is broken down into three subcategories; Side, Front and Rear. Each Subcategory is placed and will get its own points. The points are then totaled and used to determine a score in the main Picture Perfect Category.

    Show Wins - Points are earned in this category based on the three best shows from the calendar year of the Program. Points are awarded for 1st through 3rd and bonus points are earned for GCH, RGCH, BOB and Best Udder - Highest number of points wins in this category.

Milk Production (either One Day Milk test results OR DHI results will be used)
  • One Day Milk Production Category A - One Day Milk Test - Milk Pounds
  • One Day Milk Production Category B - One Day Milk Test - Butterfat Percentage
  • One Day Milk Production Category C- One Day Milk Test - Protein Percentage
  • One Day Milk Production Category D - One Day Test Score


  • Milk Production Category A - 305 Day Lactation - Milk Pounds
  • Milk Production Category B - 305 Day Lactation - Butterfat Percentage
  • Milk Production Category C - 305 Day Lactation - Butterfat Pounds
  • Milk Production Category D - 305 Day Lactation - Protein Percentage
  • Milk Production Category E - 305 Day Lactation - Protein Pounds
  • Milk Production Category F - 305 Day Lactation - Lifetime Production pounds in milk
  • Milk Production Category J - Extended Lactation Number of Days


  • AGS Classification Score


  • ADGA Linear Appraisal Score

In any category that no "data" is offered than the goat will be placed accordingly (example - no pictures for one goat out of 5, makes the goat without any pictures in last place in that category and thus will receive 1 point)

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