2007 Sue Rucker JuJu Awards

Does are listed in the highest category for which they qualified.  Qualifying amounts for the category are indicated in bold.  Within categories, they are listed in descending order, starting with the highest qualifier in milk.  Following those who qualified in milk are those who qualified for the category on butterfat only, again in descending order.  In case of a tie in milk as the qualifying amount, the doe with the fewer days in milk will be listed first.  In case of a tie in butterfat as the qualifying amount, the doe with the higher milk production will be listed first.

All of the does which qualified for Silver Juju on butterfat alone, qualified for Bronze in milk.  Eight of the does have their AGS Advanced Registry Master Championship and /or ADGA Grand Championship.  There were no Gold, Platinum, Grand Award, or JuJu Sire Awards given this year.


*Age at freshening in Years. Months; DIM=Days in Milk (305 or less); Milk in pounds; BF=Butterfat in pounds; BF%=Butterfat percentage; Pro= Protein in pounds; Pro%=Protein percentage

for lactations of 305 days or less, completed in 2007 - Open to all ANDDA members on Official DHIR Testing

BRONZE JUJU - At least 750 pounds milk or 37.5 pounds butterfat

SILVER JUJU - At least 1000 pounds milk or 50 pounds butterfat

GOLD JUJU - At least 1250 pounds milk or 67.5 pounds butterfat

PLATINUM JUJU - at least 1000 lbs milk or 50 pounds butterfat and
Permanent Champion (ADGA GCH / SGCH) or Master Champion (AGS MCH)

GRAND JUJU - Any doe over the age of 6, milking 900 pounds or more

LIFETIME JUJU - At least 5000 pounds milk or 250 pounds butterfat

JUJU Sire has 3 or more daughters qualifying for any of the JuJu production awards