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Welcome to the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

ANDDA serves the needs of both those who have a serious interest in the milking potential of Nigerian Dwarf goats, those who would like to learn more about dairy conformation and dairy character in this breed, and/or who simply appreciate the beauty, elegance and reproductive soundness of a dairy-proportioned Nigerian Dwarf goat.

With the formation of ANDDA, there is a "home" for dairy-oriented Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders and a means by which they can effectively share and promote their views. If you share our vision of the breed, please join with like-minded breeders and help make ANDDA a strong voice for Nigerian Dwarf goats as true miniature dairy goats!

ANDDA is NOT a registry. We support registering your Nigerians with AGS and/or ADGA and encourage membership and involvement in both AGS and ADGA. Our liaisons with these organizations will keep us up to date on current events.


Any Questions?

ANDDA is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers.

You can contact any of our Board Members or committee chairs if you have questions about ANDDA.

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