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The purpose of ANDDA is to promote and ensure the continued vitality of the Nigerian Dwarf goat as a true miniature dairy breed by:

  • Seeking recognition equivalent to that bestowed on the standard-sized dairy breeds.

  • Serving as the national Nigerian Dwarf goat breed association that represents Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders to multi-breed dairy goat registries.

  • Increasing breeders' understanding of dairy goat management and conformation.

  • Encouraging closer fellowship among the Members through meetings, correspondence, and the circulation of useful information, news, and ideas.

  • Promoting the use of goat products, including, but not limited to, milk and milk products.

  • Cooperating with other organizations in the development of the dairy goat industry in general.


The organization is ruled by the Constitution and By-laws.  The Board of Directors performs the day to day tasks of running ANDDA with the help of several Committees.  ANDDA has two district (below).  A Western District comprised of all states West of the Mississippi and an Eastern District comprised of all states East of the Mississippi. There are two directors from each district and a Director at Large.

Members are invited to join the ANDDA Facebook page and participate in discussions about ANDDA. Members may also observe on the ANDDA Board list on Yahoo (ANDDABoard). On this Board list, members do not post but may read all posts (and can email Board members or post on the Member list if they have comments about Board business).

Members as of January 2021:

Western District: 178 members  Eastern District: 105 members