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The purpose of ANDDA is to promote and ensure the continued vitality of the Nigerian Dwarf goat as a true miniature dairy breed by:

  • Seeking recognition equivalent to that bestowed on the standard-sized dairy breeds.

  • Serving as the national Nigerian Dwarf goat breed association that represents Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders to multi-breed dairy goat registries.

  • Increasing breeders' understanding of dairy goat management and conformation.

  • Encouraging closer fellowship among the Members through meetings, correspondence, and the circulation of useful information, news, and ideas.

  • Promoting the use of goat products, including, but not limited to, milk and milk products.

  • Cooperating with other organizations in the development of the dairy goat industry in general.


The organization is ruled by the Constitution and By-laws.  The Board of Directors performs the day-to-day tasks of running ANDDA with the help of several Committees.  ANDDA has two districts (below).  A Western District comprised of all states West of the Mississippi and an Eastern District comprised of all states East of the Mississippi. There are two directors from each district and a Director at Large.

Members are invited to join the ANDDA Facebook page and participate in discussions about ANDDA and the Nigerian Dwarf breed.

Members as of March 24, 2023:

(including youth accounts)

Western District: 243 members  Eastern District: 202 members

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