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     1.           Junior kid (Under 3 months)

     2.           Intermediate kid (3 to under 4 months)

     3.           Senior (4 to under 6 months)

     4.           Junior yearling (6 to under 12 months)

     5.           Senior yearling (12 to under 24 months)


     6.           Under 2 years in milk

     7.           Two years & under 3

     8.           Three years & under 4

     9.           Four years & under 5

     10.         Five years & over


     11.         Junior (under 1 year)

     12.         One year & under 2

     13.         Two years & under 3

     14.         Three years & under 5

     15.         Five years & over


Entries must meet ALL qualification requirements to enter:

  • Entries must have competed in an official AGS or ADGA show during the previous two years (i.e., show wins January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2023, are eligible to be submitted prior to March 1, 2024) and have been awarded one of the following:

  1. First in an individual class in which there was competition (more than 1 entry);

  2. Grand or Reserve Grand Senior/Junior Champion;

  3. Second place in an individual class at an official AGS or ADGA show with more than thirty Nigerian Dwarves shown in the class; or

  4. Best of Breed award

  • Animals must be registered with the American Goat Society (AGS) and/or the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

  • Each animal must bear a legible tattoo and have no disqualifying faults at the time of nomination.

  • Animals that have been coded for being over height at any point in their lifetime are not eligible.

  • All animals entered must be owned or co-owned by a member or youth member in good standing with ANDDA.



  • All entries shall be made via the All American ANDDA website form and will include the following information:

  • The AGS or ADGA show which qualified the nominated animal must be listed on the official entry form.

  • A copy of the animal’s entry registration papers.

  • Winners will be selected by an official AGS or ADGA judge chosen by the All-American Committee.

  • Entries will be submitted to AGS/ADGA Judge via a private page on the ANDDA website.



  1. All photos submitted must be current, preferably at the time of the show win or as close to the show date as possible.  For example, a junior kid photo should be taken while the kid is still under 3 months, etc.

  2. One side view picture is required.

  3. A rear view, top view, and front view are encouraged to allow the Judge a more complete view of the entry animal.

  4. Any identifying information on the photo (i.e., visible handler, farm identification); or copyright information will disqualify the entry.

  5. Pictures submitted to the AA Committee shall clearly be named to identify the animal of entry (i.e., registered name). 

  6. A copy of the photo will be renamed to remove any identifying information prior to submission to the judge’s page for contest consideration.

  7. Photos must be sharp and clear; either black & white or color is acceptable.

  8. Submitting pictures gives ANDDA full rights to publish or re-publish in any venue


The owner or co-owner is responsible for verifying the accuracy of all information provided on the entry form. Any entries found to be fraudulent will disqualify an animal either before or after the competition.

ENTRY FEE is $7.50 per entry payable through PayPal via the All American Entry form.


Entries are due by March 1, and results will be posted to the ANDDA website and to the ANDDA Newsletter no later than July 1.  Postings will include Sire, Dam, Breeder, Owner, and Herd name.

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