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The Young Showman award is in the category of showing youth-owned dairy goats. It is based on a point system that shows results submitted by the youth.  

A) Youth or guardian must submit show results within 60 days of the show.  

B) Goats must be owned by and shown by youth.

C) Youth may enter as many goats as they own.

D) Goat must remain entered under the same youth for the entire lactation or fiscal year unless purchased from another outside herd.  

E)  Outside herd is defined as at least 20 miles away and have not had a previous owner within the family within the fiscal year. This means, midway through the lactation you cannot gift/sell your relative(s) a goat to join any youth programs. The goat may enter the following year after purchase.  

F) Purchased goat may enter youth programs at any time if not previously owned by family/household member within the fiscal year or current lactation.   


Youth Showman Awards are divided by age of the youth owner:

  • Apprentice ages 2yrs -5yrs

  • Junior Apprentice ages 6yrs-8yrs  

  • Junior ages 9yrs-10yrs

  • Intermediate Junior ages 11yrs-13yrs

  • Intermediate ages 14yrs-16yrs  

  • Senior ages 17yrs -18yrs

 Young Showman awards will be awarded in the following categories:

  • High point Doe in all age divisions   

  • High point Buck in all age divisions

  • High point Wether in all age divisions  

  • High Point Showmanship in all age divisions 

Youth Point Scale

youth point scale.JPG
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