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This award will follow the total performer award format; both of these awards will have the following Youth added rules

A) Youth must own the goat. youth may co-own the goat with other youth only.  

B) Only one youth per goat.  

C) Youth may enter as many goats as they own.

D) Goat must remain entered under the same youth for the entire lactation or fiscal year unless purchased from another outside herd.


E)  Outside herd is defined as at least 20 miles away and have not had a previous owner within the family within the fiscal year. This means, midway through the lactation you cannot gift/sell your relative(s) a goat to join any youth programs. The goat may enter the following year after purchase.  

F) Purchased goat may enter youth programs at any time if not previously owned by family/household member within the fiscal year or current lactation

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