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This award will will follow the Sue Rucker JUJU award format.  Following are the requirements for nominating an animal for a Sue Rucker JUJU Production Award.


1)  Please send a copy of the DHIR INDIVIDUAL DOE PAGE for the completed lactation of each nominated doe. These are the only lactation records that will be accepted as proof. The Youth  owner must clearly indicate from the Doe Page which Lactation numbers they are submitting for the award.   The cutoff for lactations will be March 31 of the current year –  Goat must be owned by Youth, no co-owning with an adult.


2)  These awards are open to ADGA or AGS registered Nigerians, that are owned by Youth members of the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association.


3)  Complete form and email with photocopies of records, together with appropriate fees to chairman listed below.

4)  DEADLINE:   Entries must be emailed by MAY 1 of CURRENT YEAR. 

5)  The Young Herdsmen award  is open to all ANDDA YOUTH members. The member must be the current owner of the animal whose records are being submitted.   Cost to enter a qualifying doe shall be free to Youth members.


BRONZE AWARD        750 to 999 lbs of milk OR 37.5 lbs of butterfat in 305 days or less

SILVER AWARD            1,000 to 1,249 lbs of milk OR 50 lbs of butterfat in 305 days or less

GOLD AWARD             At least 1,250 lbs of milk OR 67.5 lbs of butterfat in 305 days or less

PLATINUM AWARD     Permanent Champion (ADGA GCH) or Master Champion (AGS MCH)-- producing 1,250 lbs of milk

                                          or 67.5 lbs of butterfat in 305 days or less

LIFETIME AWARD        5,000 lbs of milk and 250 lbs of butterfat in any number of lactations  (This is a one-time award)

GRAND AWARD          Any doe over the age of 6, milking 900 lbs or more

SIRE AWARD                Sire has 3 or more daughters qualifying for any of the  production awards listed above.

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