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DIY Stanchion

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

By Kristen Lovitt, Lovitts Mini Farm

Someone had posted a picture on Facebook of their show milk stand, and it was a garden wagon with a headstand attached. I decided that was the one for me. I can use it to tote supplies to the show, and then use it as my milk stand.

I purchased a garden wagon from Tractor Supply, ordered wheel stops from Amazon, and a headstand from Premier 1. I also purchased Nite Ize Original Gear Tie, a rubber twist tie also from Amazon, but I’ve seen them at TSC as well.

My wagon has removable sides.

I bought four wheel stops, and put them on one front wheel and one back wheel. This way my stand won’t roll away while milking or while the girls jump on and off.

I attach the head stand with the twist ties.

And here is my lovely assistant Honey Bee showing it all put together. She’s 8 weeks old in this photo, so you can see there is plenty of room for a senior doe

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