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Goat Milk Soap

Telitha Proffitt, Landrun Lamanchas

• 9.0 oz Frozen Goat Milk

• 4.03 oz Lye

• 9.8 oz Olive Oil

• 8.5 oz Coconut Oil

• 8.5 oz Palm Oil

• 1.2 oz Castor Oil

• (Total Oils 28 oz)

Please take safety precautions when using lye. Soap in a well-ventilated area using long sleeves, gloves, and safety goggles.

Measure the frozen milk into a container that is appropriate for lye. A scale with a tare feature is helpful with this step. Slowly add lye to the mixture a small amount at a time, mixing with a non-reactive spoon to make sure the milk does not scorch. Continue to stir until all lye flakes have been dissolved. Undissolved lye flakes in soap can cause skin irritation or burns, so check the bottom and sides of the container before continue to the next step. Once the lye is completely dissolved, the mixture may be a light cream color. The cooler the container, the lighter the mixture. In a separate non-reactive bowl, measure, melt mix oils together. The oils should be at or below 130o before adding the lye mixture. Add the lye mixture slowly to the oil mixture. Once all the lye mixture is added, continue to blend until it reaches a thin to medium “trace.” Pour the mixture into a prepared mold. Tap firmly to release any air bubbles. Allow the soap to stay in the mold 3 to 4 days to set up, and 6 weeks to cure.

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