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Hoof Trimming Basics

By Vicki Bennett Russell

I dig out all of the dirt first. Then I begin trimming (I use a box blade, most use shears of some sort. It is a personal decision on what to use, but the box blade takes a LOT of practice and I would HIGHLY recommend using cut resistant gloves when using the box blade.)

After assessing the hoof and how the goat stands on the hoof, I start by trimming off any over growth.

Once that is done, I then start working on the shape. In most instances, the toe of the hoof needs more taken off than the heel. I trim until I see pink, always keeping the shape I want in the back of my mind.

Your end result should be a nicely squared hoof in which the bottom of the hoof is parallel to the hoof's hairline or the coronary band.

Please keep in mind, this end result can sometime take weeks or months depending on the condition of the hoof before trimming.

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