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Thank you to all of our sponsors:

Microchip ID System Pocket Hero

Brittney Briscoe/ Lost Creek

Deborah Neimann, author

Yellow Rose Farm Soap Company/

Dill's A Little Goat Farm/Ellen Dorsey

Nanny Patch / Aimee Ascher

The Cheesemaker

AA Glove

Aries Nigerian Dwarf/Jennifer Herrscher

Tecumseh Vet

Christina Cassidy

Twin Arrows/Mikella Overstreet

Michalah Othneil/KidCo Nigerians

American Goat Society

JT Farms

Sabrina Kirk/Kirk Farms

Delta Livestock Diagnostics

OK Doe K Dairy and Therapy Goats/Karen and Paul Goodchild

DiJi Farms /Carolann Van Wert

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