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SUPERIOR GENETICS: 2010 is the first year Nigerians have been included in the ADGA Superior Genetics database. Take a look. These are animals that are proving their genetic worth in production (DHI) and structure (Linear Appraisal).

As more and more of our herds participate in DHI production testing and Linear Appraisal, Nigerian Dwarfs are showing up in the ADGA genetics database. In 2010, the first Nigerians have reached the benchmarks for a Superior Genetics designation.

Details of the program can be found on the ADGA Website.



MILK PRODUCTION: ANDDA recognizes the top milk producers in the breed as determined by ADGA and AGS. Our milk production page includes a listing of members who participate in DHI.

Congratulations to our FIRST Nigerian Dwarfs with Superior Genetics Status.  

Explore the ADGA Genetics page to see the SG status of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats

From this home page, click on PTI/ETA and search for Nigerians and Superior Genetics. There is a wealth of information available that becomes more and more valuable as more herds participate in production programs.


PTI = Production Type Index

ETI = Estimated Transmitting Ability

ADGA's genetics website gives a wealth of information.

Visit them at:



LINEAR APPRAISAL/CLASSIFICATION: ANDDA recognizes those Nigerians that have appraised Excellent for the first time. ADGA has posted the LA results for all breeds, which gives us an informative comparison for how Nigerians stack up.

Animals achieving an ADGA LA Permanent score of EX are eligible for ADGA's LA Certificate of Excellence. Those who achieve this honor may be eligible to submit their animals to the ADGA Type Project. For more information go to

 ADGA Website.

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