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Total Performer Awards


In 2015, ANDDA made significant changes to the Total Performer Program to provide recognition for ALL superior performing does, and we have included recognition for superior sires and dams.

The ANDDA Total Performer Program is not for every doe or buck. In the past, the program used a complex set of rules to find the ONE doe that was at the top of the breed in all areas. Often fractions of a point separated competitors in this system. The revised program (2015) is designed to recognize ALL does that meet the highest standards in the show ring, in milk production, and in appraisal/classification. The new program also rewards sires and dams that have also excelled by producing exceptional daughters.

ANDDA will recognize all does or bucks that meet the following standards...

  • TOTAL PERFORMER DOES (meeting requirements specified below in show, milk, appraisal/classification)

  • TOTAL PERFORMER SIRES (Bucks that have three daughters qualifying for Total Performer Doe, not necessarily in the same year)

  • TOTAL PERFORMER DAMS (Does that have three daughters qualifying for Total Performer Doe, not necessarily in the same year )

  • SHOW: Must be a permanent show Champion (MCH, GCH, SGCH)

  • MILK: Must meet requirements in milk and butterfat, with a lactation (305 days or less) producing at least 750# of milk AND at least 40# butterfat.

  • APPRAISAL/CLASSIFICATION: Must have a recorded appraisal/classification of 90 or better at any time in the lifetime of the doe.

NOTE: At least one of the three requirements must be in the current year.

PICTURE: Pictures will not be used in the evaluation. However, a current picture suitable for posting on the webpage must be submitted. All recognized does/bucks will be posted on the ANDDA web page.

The ANDDA Total Performer Program is open to any ANDDA member. An ANDDA member must be the owner of the applicant doe/buck.

As with all ANDDA programs, overheight animals are not eligible. For this program, appraisal/classification records will be used. Animals that have been coded for OverHeight at any point in their lifetime are not eligible.

ENTRY FEE is $7.50 per entry. Payment can be made on our PayPal shopping cart (even if you don't have a PayPal account).

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