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Goat Milk Velveeta

By Ann Alecock, Two Dogs Farms

1 Gallon Whole Goat Milk

3 tsp. Citric Acid

3/4 tsp. Baking Soda

1 Tbs Sea Salt

1 Tbs Butter

1. Dissolve the citric acid in half a cup or less of water.

2. Heat the milk to 140 degrees.

3. Add Citric Acid/water to the heated milk and stir gently. Turn off the stove and let curds form. They will be small, similar to ricotta.

4. Put cheesecloth in a colander. I actually use a handkerchief. I clip on using clothes pins.

Use a large ladle and put 1/3 of the whey into the cloth and let drain. You can use the corners and roll the cloth back and forth to speed up the draining process. Once the curds form a log put them into a glass bowl, and divide and drain the remaining why. 5. Put the 3 cheese logs into a stainless-steel large pot and add the salt, butter, and baking soda to the cheese curds, and put on medium heat. 6. Mix well, and stir constantly. The cheese will start to puff and melt into a Queso cheese consistency. 7. Take a glass meatloaf pan and place press and seal paper into the pan. Pour the finished cheese into the lined container. Put in fridge, when cool wrap in press and seal. 8. We add salsa and heat in the microwave for queso dip. Better yet add Chorizo (spicey Mexican sausage)

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